The Ultimate in Boating Satisfaction through Exceptional Attention to Detail


One of the most respected boatbuilding companies in the world, Grady-White Boats has a legendary reputation for designing and producing outstanding fiberglass boats. Since 1959, Grady-White boats have been built in Greenville, NC. And since purchasing the company in 1968, owner and CEO Eddie Smith steadily has done what he does best: inspire his crew to work hard to provide customers the best quality, reliability, safety, performance, and long lasting value. In large part Grady-White’s success is due to developing close relationships with its customers and dealerships, asking questions of and carefully listening to boat owners, and incorporating features they’ve requested, to create fun products that make many happy memories. The quest to provide “the ultimate in boating satisfaction” through exceptional attention to detail is the basis for the management style promoted by current company president, Kris Carroll.


A legacy of giving back to boating, fishing conservation and waterways
A legacy of giving back to boating, fishing conservation and waterways

Though Grady-White’s commitment to excellence never changes, the company constantly refines its boats as technology develops and customer needs change. That’s one reason why Grady-White was ranked “Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Coastal Fishing Boats, Eight Times in a Row,” and has received this designation each and every time that J.D. Power and Associates conducted studies in the marine industry. The company has also been honored with the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) CSI Award for excellence in customer satisfaction, every year the awards have been given.


Eddie Smith believes that boating, sportfishing, and outdoor activities are great gifts for our society. The history of Grady-White reflects over sixty five years of appreciation and respect for these gifts, and the company is a steadfast advocate of fisheries conservation and education, and waterways management.