Captain Grady




Thank you for choosing Grady-White! As a part of our wonderful family of Grady owners across the world, you have access to a unique informational tool from Grady-White Boats, Captain Grady®, our resource for coaching and education on all things Grady-White. Captain Grady is currently available for model years 2013 to current model year. We will be continuing to develop Captain Grady and will advise all our customers when the next generation is available.

Captain Grady is your specialized hub for tips, tricks, and helpful details as you learn all there is to know about your new vessel. Every piece of knowledge in this one-of-a-kind database is tailored to your boat model and model year, allowing you to become oriented with your boat more quickly and spend more time on the water with family and friends. Captain Grady will give you confidence, control, and safety on the water – so you’ll be ready to live your best life, the Grady Life!

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