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Posters: To download a poster file that can be printed, find your desired image below and click "Download Poster (PDF)" below the image. A PDF of the image will open in your web browser. Find and click on the Download button (generally an icon of an arrow pointing down located in the top right corner of your screen) to save the file to your computer. Once you've downloaded the file, you can email it to a local printer capable of printing large prints. The posters are designed to be printed at 22" x 28" but can also be printed at other sizes if you prefer. Having trouble or don’t know a local printer to use? Reach out to our local vendor, ASAP Photo & Camera. They can help you pick the type of print you want and then print and mail it directly to you!


Wallpapers: To use an image below as a computer wallpaper or desktop background, find your desired image and click "Download Computer Wallpaper (JPG)" below the image. The image will load full-size in your web browser. Save the image to your computer, and then go into your computer settings to find the wallpaper or background options. You should then be able to select the downloaded file as your wallpaper.



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