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Dolphinfish Research Program Update

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Eddie Smith Named Sportsman of the Year by North Carolina Wildlife Federation

Each year, the North Carolina Wildlife Federation (NCWF) presents the prestigious Governor's Conservation Achievement Awards to honor those who have exhibited an unwavering commitment to conservation in North Carolina.




Grady-White Boats is a name synonymous with sportsmanship, coastal stewardship, and fisheries conservation.


Eddie Smith, the owner and CEO of Grady-White Boats, grew up in the central foothills of North Carolina, and from an early age he and his father, Eddie Sr. (”George”), shared a love of the outdoors–especially fishing and hunting.

Eddie Smith, Jr., with the Rybovich Award

Part of the appeal to the Smith family of purchasing the company in 1968 was the fact that Grady-White was already known as a manufacturer of a tough, safe, well-built boat for the open waters. Certainly, here was a solid legacy to build upon! From the outset, Eddie “got it,” understanding the very special connection between boating and fishing, and as Grady-White developed products for the long-term prosperity of the company, it was clear to Eddie that, from the standpoint of both his heart and his business, the company should set an industry example in encouraging and supporting the future health of fisheries and waterways. Eddie shared his convictions and values with his enthusiastic and passionate management team. In fact, in 2012 Grady-White President Kris Carroll was the first recipient of the Center for Coastal Conservation Eddie Smith Award, given yearly by the organization to those in the recreational boating and fishing industry who recognize “...that conservation of America's fishery resources is a vital part of the business.” Thus, as technology and boat model features developed over the years, and as the company prospered more and more, the enthusiasm for sportsmanship, clean waterways and fishing became a hallmark. The continued zeal for the future of outdoor recreation and conservation throughout Grady-White became something that truly sets the brand apart, and today is an ingrained part of the company culture and its products


“The conservation of our fisheries resources for the generations to come is of utmost importance to all of us, and I am happy to have been able to play even a small role in that effort.”




Grady-White Boats President Kris Carroll (second from left) receives an antique sextant commemorating the inaugural Eddie Smith Manufacturer of the Year Award from the Center for Coastal Conservation. She is congratulated by Bob Hayes (left), Jeff Angers, and Mike Nussman (right).

A legacy of giving back to boating, fishing conservation and waterways

As a result of this passion for fisheries, waterways, and coastal resource conservation stewardship, Grady-White has consistently led the industry in promoting and actively supporting the health of these resources with words, deeds, and financial contributions. Grady-White and many Grady-White associates, owners, and enthusiasts strongly support the recommendations of the Commission on Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Management, also known as the Morris-Deal Commission, named after co-chairs Johnny Morris, founder of Bass Pro Shops, and Scott Deal, president of Maverick Boats. Grady-White has been especially recognized nationally by the Center for Coastal Conservation, The American Sportfishing Association, the International Game Fish Association, the Coastal Conservation Association, as well as Grow Boating, Boating United and the American Boating Congress

Live “The Grady Life” through conservation values, and pass along the appreciation for fishing and boating to future generations

For Grady-White owners and enthusiasts, now and in the future, this legacy of responsibility, stewardship, and preservation of resources for the future is as much a part of the brand and ownership experience as are the fiberglass and stainless steel. Some owners are more active in local regional and national efforts than others, but all have a role to play in preservation of the activities we love to do as we enjoy living The Grady Life. We urge you to learn about issues and advocate with others for best practices in fisheries management and waterways conservation, and to find out more about these and other groups–especially local chapters–and get involved!