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Boating Life After Lockdown


A fresh water wash down hose comes in handy when rinsing the salt water off rods.

If you’ve been dreaming about owning your own boat, there’s never been a better time to “Get the Grady” as we like to say. While the effects of the pandemic are wreaking havoc on school, work and basically everything about everyday living, we can look for the silver lining–the opportunity for more family time. With the cancellation of extra-curricular activities and many summer camps, you’re going to be looking for things you can do that still limit your exposure to large groups of people while getting you out of the house. Boating provides endless entertainment that’s fun for the whole family. Imagine taking your children fishing then coming home and cooking up a delicious dinner that you all caught together! Or teaching your children to waterski or wakeboard? Just think of the joy and sense of accomplishment they’ll get from mastering a new skill. And, after a great day on the water everyone will tuck in early for some much-needed rest, falling asleep as they anticipate doing it all again the next day! So, go ahead and make the move, contact your local Grady-White dealer today. Don’t let this opportunity to spend many great days on the water pass you by. 


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