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Fishing with Kids


With camps closed and school schedules changing, many are looking for child-friendly entertainment. Fishing is a fun activity for both children and adults. Before you embark on a family fishing expedition here are a few tips to consider.


Most importantly, start with safety. Be sure your child has a life jacket that fits properly. Now is also a good time for you to set the example by wearing one too. Be sure you have plenty of sunscreen, water and snacks on hand, as well as a first aid kit. Choose hooks that don’t have barbs for added safety. Since kids often don’t think about where the tip of the rod is going when moving around the boat, everyone should have sunglasses on to protect their eyes. Before you go, take a moment to talk to them about the rules they need to follow. When excitement sets in it’s easy for a young person to forget, but if you’ve already set the expectations a quick reminder should do the trick. Most importantly remember to be patient, and set a reasonable time limit based on your child’s age. Start out with short trips that you can later expand upon as you train your soon-to-be favorite fishing partner!


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