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National Safe Boating Week: May 19-25, 2018

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National safe boating week

Grady-White designs and build boats to be the safest, most reliable, best performing boats on the water and it’s no coincidence that “safety” come first on that list! But no matter how well we build our boats, the very best boating safety tips that we at Grady-White and the National Boating Safety Council can give you is:


PFDS have never been more comfortable or easy to wear and cutoff clips have never been such a “snap” to use So join Grady-White and others during National Safe Boating Week and every day on the water to follow these two simple practices

Watch this fun promo video about PFD, and visit to find out more about PFD and Cutoff clips and all events during this year’s National Safe Boating Week!


Grady-White Boats was founded in 1959 and builds offshore outboard boats at its manufacturing plant in Greenville, NC. The company has been under continuous private ownership by NMMA Hall of Fame member Eddie Smith and the Smith family since 1968. Grady-White welcomes visitors to the company’s award-winning factory to see first-hand the process the company uses to create the very best family-and-fishing boats, and to meet the dedicated team that builds them.

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