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Keeping Your Boat Shipshape

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Keeping your boat looking shipshape is easier than you might think! Here are some simple tips to follow:


Cleaning: Stick to gentle products specifically made for fiberglass. Skip the harsh chemicals like bleach. For smooth surfaces, use non-abrasive materials like sponges and microfiber cloths. On non-skid surfaces, a deck brush works best.


Waxing: Keep smooth surfaces shiny with wax as needed. Look for non-skid specific waxes to protect those surfaces without making them slippery. Brands like 3M and Aurora make great products.


Removing Oxidation/Stains on Gelcoat: Start with the least abrasive method that gets the job done. Polishing compounds work well for minor issues, while rubbing compounds dig deeper to correct. For troublesome spots, wet sandpaper (600+ grit) followed by a polishing compound can do the trick.

Note: If you choose to use an electric buffer, try to keep it in the 1700-1800 RPM range and keep it moving on the surface. Holding it in one spot can cause it to “burn” the surface and potentially create a bigger issue.


Repairing Scratches/Dings: For smaller cosmetic nicks and repairs, go to your local Grady-White dealer and order our patch and paste kit (part number #30-029). This kit comes with everything you need to fix smaller gouges and imperfections in the Grady-White WHITE/IVORY gelcoat.


Here are some other simple tips we’ve compiled, with help from fellow Grady-White owners, that you might want to add to your maintenance list.