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Winterizing Tips
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Thanks to BoatU.S. for this general winterizing checklist:


  • Fill installed fuel tanks and add stabilizer
  • Flush engine with fresh water and applicable hose adapter
  • Store engine(s) in lowest position
  • Inspect/replace anodes


  • Change oil and filter
  • Change fuel filters/separators
  • Check coolant level in freshwater-cooling system and add coolant if necessary
  • Run non-toxic antifreeze through raw water-cooling system
  • Make sure water strainers are filled with non-toxic antifreeze

Other systems

  • Flush and fill air conditioning system with non-toxic antifreeze

Cabin and head

  • Pump out holding tank and add non-toxic antifreeze to head
  • Drain water heater
  • Drain freshwater system and run non-toxic antifreeze through it
  • Run non-toxic antifreeze through fish box refrigeration cooling water supply
  • Drain shower sump, washdown system, and other places where water pools
  • Remove food
  • Open lockers to air
  • Verify bilge pump, high water alarm (if equipped), and switch operate properly
  • Clean and dry bilges
  • Secure all ports and hatches
  • Turn off all switchable circuit breakers and battery select switches

Check with your dealer and/or BoatU.S. for much more information.