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Trailer Maintenance Tips: Bearings, Tires and Spare Parts
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The wheel bearings are the most important maintenance item on your trailer. Every time you launch your boat, the trailer axles and wheel bearings are submersed in water at least twice. Trailer bearings get warm when trailered, and when they are submersed in the water they immediately are cooled down. This quick cooling process creates a vacuum inside the bearing housing and causes water to be pulled inside the bearings. This is a natural occurrence that is unique to boat trailers. After repeated launches the water eventually washes the grease out of the bearings. This is why it is very important to replace the bearing grease on a regular basis. Make sure you use good quality heavy-duty bearing grease. Many trailers have zerk fittings installed on each wheel bearing for the purpose of regularly adding grease. If your trailer does not have zerk fittings, then remove the bearing cap and manually add the grease. You can add a "bearing buddy" with zerk fittings to each bearing. For more information on this option go to

Trailer Tires 
Check the tire pressure on your trailer each time before using. Boat trailer tires in general tend to loose air pressure more than automobile tires because of sitting idle for longer periods. It is most important to use the correct tire pressure that is found on the sidewall of each tire. While checking tire pressure also check the tire treads for excessive wear. Use a penny to check the tread depth. The tread should touch the top of Abe Lincoln's head. Lastly, check the lug nuts to ensure they are tight. Don't assume that your automobile's jack and lug nut wrench will fit your trailer; check to make sure. Trying to change a flat tire is not a good time to find out that the tools do not fit.
Spare Parts Kit 
Carry trailer spare parts. Here are some suggestions: light bulbs, fuses, spare tire, wrenches (including a lug wrench), jack strong enough to lift the boat and trailer, wheel chocks, extra tie down straps, and a grease gun.