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Quick Reference Maintenance Guide
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NOTE: Please refer to your owner's manual for more details. You may also submit your own tips by clicking the Submit A Tip button. Click here to download this info as a PDF document.

Gel Coat

Do not
  • clean gel with bleach or cleaners containing ammonia
  • wax nonskid surfaces

  • remove mold from gel with undiluted vinegar
  • wash gel with mild household detergent
  • bottom paint the hull if boat will be left in water for more than a few days
  • use Grady's gel touch up kit (GW part #30-029) for small dings and scratches


  • clean exterior cushions with mild household detergent
  • store or cover exterior cushions when not in use
  • dry-clean or steam clean interior cushion covers if soiled

Hardtop Frame/T-tops Frames
Stainless Steel Deck Hardware

Do not
  • clean with abrasive cleaners or products containing chlorine bleach
  • clean metal surfaces with abrasive pads, steel wool or wire brushes

  • wash entire aluminum frame often with fresh water and mild soap to prevent pitting
  • protect the metal by using applying a non-abrasive metal protectant (example: T-9)
  • remove salt or dirt from stainless steel regularly with mild soap and fresh water


Do not
  • clean with petroleum-based or ammonia cleaners
  • fold canvas for storage
  • steam, press or dry fabric in an electric or gas dryer
  • use paste wax on clear vinyl, as it will turn yellow

  • clean clear vinyl with denatured alcohol and use spray wax to protect
  • roll canvas for storage to prevent creasing and cracking
  • clean fabric with mild household detergent
  • lubricate snaps and zippers with E-Z Snap every 3 months
  • apply Apseal or Uniseal to stop leaks in seam holes, and water based repellents like Scotchguard on fabric
  • store and secure canvas before trailering
  • dry all canvas before storing to prevent mildew
  • secure the folded top when in the stored position to prevent damage or loss of canvas

Dockside Power

Do not
  • leave boat unattended for an extended period of time with power cable connected

  • read operating instructions in owner's manual
Washdown System

  • open seacock to operate system
  • turn on "wash down" switch to activate pump

Fuel System

Do not
  • mix ethanol blended fuel with regular fuel

  • periodically rinse top of tank and tank compartment with fresh water
  • annually conduct a detailed inspection of all fuel system components
  • check access plates on fuel tank hatches for water leaks; replace o-rings (GW part #30-005) as needed
  • replace 10-micron fuel/water filter annually
  • keep tanks full during long-term storage
  • add fuel additives to fuel that will not be used for 60-90 days


Do not
  • disconnect the battery or turn battery select switch off when the engine is running

  • replace GW installed batteries with same brand and type as needed
  • apply light grease to battery terminals after cleaning to prevent corrosion

Helm Chairs

Do not
  • use abrasive cleaners or solvent based cleaners on upholstery or chair
  • wax plastic components of chair (direct sunlight may cause yellowing)
  • use acetone, toluene, gasoline or other solvents to clean plastic chair components

  • clean chair body with household cleaning products or soap and water
  • use soap and water with a soft brush to remove upholstery stains


Do not
  • leave waste in holding tank for long periods of time

  • operate head at least once a month
  • open seacock before operating head
  • read owner's manual on your specific head operating system

Fresh Water System

Do not
  • leave water in pumps, lines, filters or tank during cold weather

  • Flush all fresh water systems with a 10% bleach water solution twice a year
  • Add lemon juice to system periodically to keep things fresh smelling
  • bleed or drain water lines during cold weather


Do not
  • leave the generator seacock open when the generator is off

  • add diesel fuel additives to prevent fuel contamination
  • run ventilation blower at least 4 minutes prior to starting generator
  • close the generator seacock immediately after shutdown
  • check all filters regularly
  • schedule all regular maintenance as described in the manufacturer's operation manual
  • leave sound box open during long-term storage and spray motor with anti-corrosive product

Anchor Windlass

Do not
  • place fingers near the operating windlass

  • cleat anchor line before setting anchor
  • cleat anchor when pulling anchor free from the bottom
  • motor towards anchor when retrieving the line
  • occasionally soak rope in fresh water to remove salt and maintain pliability

Freezer Boxes

  • read operating instructions before setting the temperature
  • open intake seacock before use
  • turn on the cockpit cooler switch on the AC panel to operate control panel


Do not
  • rely on the motor tilt lever to support your engine; always secure with a towing support bar

  • remove canvas and store deck cushions before trailering
  • keep wheel bearings greased
  • tongue weight on hitch should be 5-10% of the total weight of boat, motor and trailer package

Bow Thruster

Do not
  • engage the joystick control for long periods of time; use short intervals to turn boat
  • operate thruster out of water

  • be aware of the emergency shut-off switch location

Trim Tabs

  • utilize trim tabs to correct port or starboard running lists
  • utilize trim tabs to regulate the attitude of the boat while moving to create a smoother ride
  • check the trim tab pump's hydraulic fluid level on a seasonal basis

Battery Select Switch

Do not
  • select "both" or "1+2" except in emergency situations when neither battery starts the motor

  • return switch to position "1" or "2" if the "both" or "1+2" position was needed to start motor
  • alternate between battery "1" and battery "2" positions in normal use on single engine boats

Air Conditioner

Do not
  • leave seacock open when removing the boat from water

  • turn on shower sump pump to remove condensation
  • turn on switch on AC/DC panel to activate the unit's control pad
  • leave seacock open for winter storage only if stored out of water
  • close seacock and shut down unit while docking or when operating in shallow water
  • generator or dockside AC current power must be in use to operate air conditioner


Do not
  • leave water in system during winter storage

  • open the livewell seacock before turning on pump
  • close seacock when system is not in use and boat is in motion or well will fill with water
  • activate system by turning on the pump switch at the switch panel

Sirius Satellite Radio

  • contact Sirius by phone at 1-888-539-Sirius to activate the system
  • review tuner owner's manual prior to contacting Sirius for set up information


  • plug iPod or MP3 player into aux input before turning on stereo
  • be aware of reset button on stereo if problem occurs
  • refer to the owner's operation manual for specific instructions on using stereo

Hot Water Heater

Do not
  • turn on water heater unless it is filled with water to prevent heating element failure

  • turn on water heater switch on accessory switch to activate the heater
  • start generator or connect to dockside power in order to operate this feature

Cockpit Shower

  • turn on the "water pressure" switch to activate water pump