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Polishing your propeller
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Thanks to performance, durability and great looks, Grady-Whites boats are factory equipped with reliable Yamaha engine(s) along with stainless props.  And though the props are “stainless” that doesn’t mean they are “stain proof.” Here are a few tips from Yamaha to deal with discolorations or stains.

Rough cast mag wheel cleaner
- Spray on spray off method
Rinse thoroughly
Use caution near painted surfaces

Toilet bowl cleaner, hydrogen peroxide, or calcium lime & rust remover
Great for spots
Removes rust stains
Spray on or put on a rag and wipe over stained area
Rinse with water, dry, and follow up with wax

Mild rubbing compound or metal polishing paste
Requires some elbow grease but works well for difficult stains
Apply to a pad and rub in a circular motion until stain is diminished
Buff with a clean cloth and apply wax

Polishing tips courtesy of Yamaha Outboards