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Everyday prop care and maintenance
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Before you head out on the water, take a minute to look for potential issues you might have missed when you last put up your Grady-White–things like fishing line or debris wrapped around the prop shaft. Make sure the prop nuts and fittings are tight.

After you return from a great Grady day on the water, repeat your visual inspection and thoroughly rinse the prop with clean fresh water. As you give your boat a scrub with a mild soap, don’t forget the props. Remove any dirt, grime or exhaust residue, and rinse again.

Now that the prop is clean you may want to use an automotive wax to protect the finish. There are many products available. One that works well is Yamalube Spray Polish and Instant Detailer. You can get this product from your Grady-White dealer.

Maintenance tips courtesy of Yamaha Outboards

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