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Dogs on Board
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Thanks to Boat U.S. for these pointers to keep in mind when you have your dog aboard:

  1. Familiarize the dog with the boat slowly. Give them a chance to sniff around and get their sea legs. It may help to start the engine so they are used the sound.
  2. Plan for falls overboard, either from the boat or dock. If the dog falls overboard underway–or jumps in–you may be able to circle back and retrieve your Buddy like a fallen water skier. Pull up slowly, cut the engine and lure the dog to the swim platform with a treat. 
  3. Bring plenty of water and make sure there's some place the dog can get out of the sun and stay as cool as possible. 
  4. If you’re going out on the boat for more than a few hours, plan how your dog will relieve itself, and pick up after your dog, no matter where they go. 
  5. Does your boat's insurance policy cover pets?