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Grady Owner Recognized for Tagging Success


Roger Muller loves to fish on his Grady-White Express 330. He also has a deep love for protecting the environment. It’s no surprise he found a way to combine those two passions by participating in the Beyond Our Shores Dolphinfish Research Program, the world’s largest international tag and recapture program of dolphinfish.


Roger’s participation started with being a sponsor and purchasing 50 tags. He takes these tags with him on every fishing expedition and successfully tagged 25 mahi-mahi last year. Earlier this year, he was surprised to learn he’d been recognized by the program for tagging the most dolphinfish in the Mid-Atlantic Bight (MAB). The MAB includes the waters that stretch between Massachusetts and Virginia. “When I was notified that I was the top MAB tagger for 2023 I couldn’t believe it!” Roger recalls.


Of course, he enjoyed the prizes – a fishing rod and Guy Harvey print – but what was most rewarding was the knowledge that he was doing his part to protect and preserve the dolphinfish. “Most people eat every dolphinfish they catch,” Roger said. “I do eat some, but most of them, I tag and return to the water, especially if they are small.” The Dolphinfish Research Program, supported by Grady-White since its inception in 2006, uses the data they receive from the tagged fish to support state, federal, and international regulatory decisions and advance discussions and action surrounding conservation of the species.


Learn more about the Dolphinfish Research Program here.


“The exceptional ride of the Grady gets me more days on the water, and I always feel safe, even if the weather changes,” Roger said.


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