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Modern Fish Act Signed at Close of 2018


Washington, DC.—On December 31, 2018, the Modernizing Recreational Fisheries Management Act, also known as the Modern Fish Act, was signed into law. Designed to improve access for recreational saltwater fishing while keeping a focusing on conservation and sustainability, the bill had strong bipartisan support with cosponsors from both coastal and non-coastal states.


The bill recognizes there are differences between commercial, charter and recreational fishing and therefore research and management of each should vary. Included in the Act are clear, science-based conservation standards that will be reviewed after a two-year period.


“We are excited to see the passage of this bill,” noted Grady-White president, Kris Carroll. “Grady-White has a long history of dedication to conservation and we are encouraged by the success of a bill that not only addresses conservation and sustainability, but also provides ample opportunity for responsible recreational fishing.”


The act directs federal regulation to add management tools that are more closely aligned with state fishery agency practices in an effort to improve accuracy and timeliness of reporting. In addition, the Act requires further studies be conducted on mixed-use fishery allocation as well as the impacts of limited access privilege programs.


To learn more, visit the American Sportfishing Association


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