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Grady-White Freedom Series: 40 years of skill, experience, and attention to detail define the singular best saltwater dual consoles


In 1979, Grady-White developed the very first saltwater dual console, the Tarpon 190. Today, with the same private company ownership and leadership, and with almost all of the same team on board nearly 40 years later, Grady-White’s Freedom line of saltwater dual consoles includes an amazing ten models ranging from 19 to 37 feet. This progression provides unmatched variety as well as an astonishing record of longevity and continuous improvement of the design style. While others focused on the latest trends, Grady-White steadfastly built better-and-better big water dual consoles. But that’s not all.

Thanks to this long record of continuing success and fine-tuned detail, each and every Grady-White is loaded with innovations, smart features, function, and “just-right” luxury, inspired by generations of customers and thousands of hours of trial and fine-tuning we’ve gained from dozens of previous designs. Our passion for boatbuilding continues as we grow and learn, and designs evolve year after year. Each model leads to even better ideas for the next boat!

During these 40 years we have listened to thousands of customers, who put their trust in us. We spend time with our customers on their boats, and on our own Gradys. This gives us a depth of knowledge and experience that truly sets us apart from others, greatly enriches our designs, and gives you as our customer much greater long-term value for every dollar you invest. You get what you pay for, and in the case of a Grady-White dual console, you get even more.


For examples, consider our very latest Freedom models: the 215 (21'), the 235 (23'), and the 325 (32'). Each is the culmination of our work on every previous dual console. First, on all of these models, there are proven features from earlier designs, plus innovative new features and options such as patented fold away seating, and cockpit steps for safe and easy boarding and debarking.  Importantly, each Grady-White dual console includes signature Grady qualities we build into every boat, from the smallest to the largest. To mention just a few, toe rails are built in for safety. Our stringer systems and transoms are all composite-built. We use extension rods on seacock handles, so that opening and closing seacocks is easy–a detail you will find with no other builder.

Any discussion of any Grady-White must include three very important things. There’s the performance of our SeaV hulls, designed by C. Raymond Hunt Associates, Inc., which have no equal in the industry. All of our boats are unsinkable. And, all of our boats are self-bailing–not just the cockpit, but the built-in fish boxes and coolers too. Gravity drains water overboard without relying on a pump, making the boat safer and clean-up easy!

When you add up the experience of our professional designers, knowledgeable engineers, superb craftsmen, and leaders of the future, we truly have something that can’t be duplicated by anyone else, with any design–and especially dual consoles. Come visit us in Greenville, North Carolina, and see why owning a Grady is the ultimate boating experience.

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