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Grady Ownership Expands Couples’ Sense of Adventure


A passionate sportsman, Randy Brown loves to fish. His wife Linda enjoys fishing too, but only on a boat where she feels comfortable and safe. After the Texas couple traveled to the Bahamas several times, fishing on a boat their hotel provided or renting one, the two decided to purchase a boat of their own. At the top of their wish list was a boat capable of making the open water crossing from Florida to the Bahamas. With no preconceived notions about brands, Randy and Linda visited multiple dealerships. After climbing aboard several different brands, they got on a Grady-White Canyon 306 and right away Linda said, “I feel really safe on this boat.” They could immediately tell it was a solid,well-built boat.


It was on one of Randy’s first trips to the Bahamas that he got to test the seaworthiness of the 306. He and a friend waited on the Florida coast for several days for a strong weather system to move out. Finally, Randy saw a break in the storms that he felt would give them enough time to make the 60-mile trip to West End. They headed out and had no problems until about 10 miles from West End, when the storms formed again right on top of them causing 10- plus foot waves. They had no choice but to push through and ultimately made the final leg of the crossing just fine, but Randy ended the story with, “I was sure glad we were in a Grady-White!”


Randy and Linda originally kept the boat in Texas, but it was a long trek to open blue water, farther out than Linda wanted to travel. Eventually they moved the boat to Jupiter, Florida after a friend suggested they might like boating there. An enticing feature was that the blue water Randy enjoyed fishing was only five miles out. They also liked the beauty and laid-back nature of the town as well as its proximity to the Bahamas. After purchasing a vacation home and moving the boat there, they uncovered another bonus to life in Jupiter - the local Grady Club, the Gulfstream Grady Group!




Eventually, Randy and Linda traded the 306 for a Canyon 336 and continued making Bahamas trips with the Grady Group, who really became more like family than friends. It was on one of those trips that Linda decided to join Randy for a day of fishing. They made a 35-mile run across the Exuma Sound and the fishing was phenomenal. When they got to the big water, Randy saw a school of dolphin (mahi mahi) chasing bait. “It was amazing to see 30 or 40 fish coming out of the water,” he said. “I was so excited for Linda to see that, and she loved it, just like I do.” In fact, that’s what Linda loves most about her boating experiences – getting up close and personal with nature. “I truly find beauty on the water hard to describe,” she said. “From flying fish and sea turtles to large schools of fish jumping through the many hues of blue water, I love relaxing on the boat and taking it all in.”


One thing Randy and Linda never expected from their Grady ownership was the peace and encouragement it provided Randy as he faced cancer. The treatment required 32 rounds of radiation in a noisy chamber. Closing his eyes and going to his “Happy Place,” where he relived his greatest moments on the boat, got him through those treatments and on to a cancer-free life that he’s enjoying more than ever today.




Recently, the Browns purchased a new Canyon 376 and they couldn’t be happier. Not only is this boat a fishing machine – it is extra comfortable, packed with amenities, and has plenty of space for the Browns and their friends to enjoy time on the water together. The addition of a SeaKeeper® has Linda spending even more time on the boat. “Every Grady-White I’ve ever owned rides amazingly well,” said Randy. “And the addition of the SeaKeeper just adds to that exceptional experience.” Having already made ten trips to the Bahamas, the Browns are looking forward to enjoying more on their new boat. Randy is also excited to learn something new as he just got the 376 rigged for bottom fishing. While trolling is exciting, Linda is looking forward to the slower pace of bottom fishing. But no matter what they are doing – fishing, traveling to new destinations with the Grady Group, or visiting a local restaurant – both are thankful for the blessing of being on a Grady-White and spending time together on the water.


Hear in the Browns’ own words what living The Grady Life means to them.