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Being able to trailer your boat to destinations you may not be able to get to by water is exciting, but it can also be stressful. This is one instance where a little preparation goes a long way towards making the trip a good, memorable experience.


If you’re new to trailering your boat, start by learning the basics. You may not realize there’s more to trailering your boat than knowing how to hook up the trailer and back it down the ramp.


For those that regularly trailer your boats, it’s always good to review this quick checklist that not only references what to check on the trailer before you hit the road, but also offers great reminders on what to do before you launch and load your boat at the ramp.

Keep your trailer in good working order with this pre-trip departure list.

The off-season not only provides a good time to check out and perform regular maintenance on your boat trailer, but it’s also a good time to teach those that boat with you how to trailer the boat. Your fishing partner, spouse, or children that are of driving age can help you more at the boat ramp if they know the ins and outs of trailering. This takes some patience but will be well worth it the next time you’re at a busy ramp and don’t have to do everything by yourself.