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Quick Reference Trailering Checklist

Before Trailering

  • Properly attach the hitch, safety chains and emergency brake system cable securely to the vehicle.
  • Retract and or swing the tongue jack up and secure it.
  • Plug the trailer wire harness to the vehicle plug and then test the lights to see if they are working properly.
  • Inspect the bow strap and transom tie-down straps.
  • Tilt the engine up and secure it so that it won't hit the road.
  • Check the boat for loose gear, canvas or cushions that might blow away.
  • Adjust the side and rear view mirrors on your vehicle.
  • Check for proper tire pressure, inspect the tire(s) for excessive wear or damage and check the lug nuts for tightness.
Before Launching
  • Disconnect the trailer lights and secure the plug so that it doesn't get wet.
  • Important: don't forget to install the garboard drain plug on the transom.
  • Turn the battery switch(s) on.
  • Remove the transom tie-down straps. Leave the bow strap connected until after launching.
  • Attach dock lines and fenders.
  • Raise antennas or Bimini tops.
  • Make sure the fuel primer bulb is primed.
Before Retrieving
  • Attach the bow strap and secure boat to the trailer making sure that the boat is sitting properly on the bunks or rollers.
  • Important: before pulling the boat and trailer out of the water, don't forget to raise the engine.
  • Lower antennas and Bimini tops and secure them.
  • Double check the bow strap to make sure it is against the trailer bow stop, then secure the transom tie-down straps.
  • Secure the engine in the up position.
  • Reconnect the trailer lights and check their operation.
  • Secure all loose gear, cushions and any trash so they won't blow away.
  • Walk around the trailer to double-check the tires, straps and hitch.
  • Wash the trailer down with fresh water even if it was used in fresh water.