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A Little Prep Goes a Long Way


Each spring the excitement starts to build for many boat owners who have spent the cooler months hunkered down dreaming about the next boat season! The anticipation of fighting and landing that big fish and reconnecting with your family as they climb aboard and disconnect from their devices, seems to make the last chilly weeks slip by faster.


Pass the time more quickly as you take a moment to not only get your equipment ready for a new boating season, but also familiarize yourself with the latest boating regulations that will be enforced in the coming year.


Here are some tips and information you may find helpful:


Sign up for a Boat Safety Check 

Even the most experienced boaters can benefit from a U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary safety check. There is no fee for this quick, but thorough, safety review. Boat owners whose boats don’t pass the test are provided with a checklist of items that need to be corrected. Boats that pass receive a sticker that tells boating law-enforcement and safety agencies that your boat has passed the safety check for the year. Sign up today.


Fire Extinguisher Regulation Change 

Effective April 20, 2022, the U.S. Coast Guard is implementing new regulations regarding fire extinguisher expiration dates as well as the number of required extinguishers that must be onboard boats of varying sizes. Learn more here.


Safety Checklist

Make sure these must-have safety items are on your boat and are in proper working order.


Trailer Check

If your boat’s been on the trailer all winter, you should review these boat trailering safety tips and checklists before you head out.


Download or Update Apps

If you don’t have weather, navigation, and safety apps already, now is a good time to review what is available. If you already have them, be sure to download the most current version. Read more to see what’s available and determine what will be most beneficial for you and your boating lifestyle.


Make a Boat Box

Get on the water faster and with everything you need for a day on the water by assembling your own boat box.


Take A Boating Course

If you’re new to boating, or even if you’ve been boating for a while, it’s always beneficial to take a boating course. There are many online options that will allow you to take a class from the comfort of your home. Protect yourself and those boating with you by making sure you know the rules of the waterway. You can sign up for a course in your state here.