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Assemble Your Own Boat Box for a Stress-Free Getaway


Ever get the boat in the water and realize you left something important at the house or in the car? Maybe it wasn’t feasible to drive home so you had to do without. That works for some things, but other items, like the boat plug, would mean you might have to scrap the whole day. This simple tip will prevent you from even having to think, “Do I have everything I need?”


Putting essential items together in a “boat box” makes leaving the dock a stress-free event. The box size can vary based on what you want to include, but you want the size to be small enough that it can easily be taken in and out of the boat and fit in a storage compartment so it’s out of the way but easily accessible.


Here’s a list of items you might consider keeping in your boat box.


A waterproof bag with:


  • Electronics Quick Reference Manuals  
  • Keys
  • Remote Lift Key Fob
  • Plugs
  • Wrench for Plugs
  • Emergency Cash
  • Boat Registration Card
  • Insurance Card
  • Swiss Army Knife  


Other items to include outside of the waterproof bag:


  • First Aid Kit (Items like band-aids tend to degrade when exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time)
  • Glow Sticks
  • Binoculars
  • Snap Tool for Cover Removal
  • Handheld Floatable VHF
  • Wire Cutters (in case you get tangled in a crab pot)


You can customize this to whatever suits your needs. For example: if you trailer your boat you might include a spare key for your vehicle. No matter what this grab-and-go box will ensure you’re never far from the essentials and it lessens your prep time so you can enjoy more moments on the water doing what you enjoy most.