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Outboard Motor Maintenance Tip


An easy step that goes a long way in caring for your outboard motor(s) is regular freshwater flushing. This is important not only for boaters who are in saltwater environments but also on rivers and lakes. The water you’re boating in is taken up by the motor and used for cooling during operation, and all bodies of water contain particles that can damage motors. Over time, those particles can corrode the inside of the motor or settle in the bottom and damage the lower unit. Thoroughly flushing the motor after each boat outing to remove these particles will enable your motor to perform better and last longer.


As a result of our continuous improvement and innovation, we’ve made this task simple with the remote engine flush system. This convenient feature allows you to flush your motor(s) from the cockpit of the boat much easier than having to climb over the transom to access the motor. With your motor turned off, simply place the remote fitting on the water hose and push it into the connector located under the starboard gunwale. Once you hear the fitting click, turn the water on. After a minute or two, make sure water is coming out of both the upper and the lower unit of the motor through the two small weep holes. As always, consult your Grady-White Owner’s Manual or go to Yamaha’s website for instructions.


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