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Engine Maintenance 101


Keeping your boat engine in tip top shape goes a long way towards making every day on the water fun and memorable (in a good way)! While you may rely on your dealer to manage the more intricate aspects of your engine maintenance, there are some steps only you can take to ensure you get the most out of your investment.


Whether you prefer to do your own maintenance, or you take your boat to the dealer for properly prescribed maintenance intervals, you’ll be glad you took a little time to review the Yamaha Maintenance Matters document below. Grady-White makes some of the simple, but all-important maintenance tasks, easy.  


Corrosion prevention, a top concern, is easy to combat with Grady-White’s factory pre-rigged engine flush hose attachment. This convenient feature allows you to easily flush the motor with a simple hose attachment that couples to the engine flush system and is easily reachable from under the aft boat gunnel (standard on boat models from 2019 forward). Flushing your engine will remove the corrosive effects that even freshwater can have on your motor and prolong the life and performance of your boat. If your boat is an older model, the manual provides simple instructions for the same maintenance. It is optimal to flush your engine after every use.


Here you can learn more about the importance of engine maintenance. Review the steps you can take to prevent engine corrosion on page 7.