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Can I repower my older Grady-White with new four stroke power?

The three most important factors to consider when repowering an older Grady-White with four stroke power are:

  1. engine weight
  2. engine centers on twin engine applications, and
  3. maintenance of the boat.

Older Grady-White boats were designed for the lighter two stroke engines available at the time. Before purchasing the heavier four stroke engines, we recommend simulating the additional weight of the four stroke engine(s), while the boat is at rest in the water, to see how the additional weight affects the waterline of the boat.

On older twin engine boats, the two stroke engines are mounted on 26" centers. This means there are 26 inches in between the midpoint of the location of where each engine is mounted on the transom. Because the engine block and cowlings of the four strokes are wider, the engines must be mounted further apart: 28 1/2" for transom mounted engines and 29" for twin engine bracketed boats. Engine centers do not apply to single engine installations.

Even with the best maintained boat, it is good practice to have a qualified marine technician administer the installation of any engine repower. Your local Grady-White dealer can also assist with engine repowering suggestions. Find your dealer here.

What kind of engines does Grady-White use on their boats?

Grady-White uses the latest four stroke outboard technology from the Yamaha Motor Corporation. Grady-White has chosen to partner with Yamaha Marine because of their superior performance, consistent quality, and terrific technology over the years. Our factory technicians will pre-rig and install your choice of Yamaha four stroke engines. To learn more about the performance specifications of a particular boat and engine combination, choose a boat model from our Models page. Then, select the "Performance Data" button just below the boat's main specifications. Choose an engine package and maximize the view of the page to see the full results.