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Where can I find information on troubleshooting, installation and basic operation of my trim tabs on my Grady-White?

Bennett Trim tabs, manufacturers of the high quality trim tabs that Grady-White uses, has produced some very nice instructional videos about trim tabs including troubleshooting, installation and basic operation. Learn more here:

What is the maximum horsepower rating for my Grady-White?

You can find maximum horsepower ratings for new and used Grady-Whites by searching model year catalogs/brochures available online for download in PDF format by visiting our Brochures page. Archived brochures are available here. For new boats, maximum horsepower information as well as other information on engine options that we have tested and recommend can be found under performance data listed with each boat on our website's Models page. Choose your boat of interest and then select the Performance Data button for more information.