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World class customer satisfaction for over 40 years
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The facts are simple. For over 40 years, Grady-White Boats has understood and believed in the core principle of working to delight customers. As a result, the company has garnered highest recognitions in every single third-party recognition of excellence in customer satisfaction in the marine industry for over two generations.

That long-term understanding and core belief of Grady-White’s means that if ownership satisfaction and happiness is important to you and your family, Grady-White is the best option to consider in your boat purchasing plans.


The 1970's and 1980's

During the 1970’s and 1980’s, customer and media surveys of owner experiences showed that Grady-White had levels of ownership satisfaction that were uniquely high in the marine industry. In fact, in those days, Grady-White was ahead of its time because early on, the company developed orderly, consistent ways of measuring and learning about customer satisfaction and also began greater efforts to help ensure dealer service excellence to customers too. Grady-White developed a dedicated customer satisfaction support team and along with this, their engineers and designers began to ask customers greater detail about real wants and needs. In this way, they learned more and more about how best to enhance the quality of the Grady-White boating experience. At the same time, the company was deeply engaged in continuous improvement and quality assurance in boatbuilding methods, materials and craftsmanship.

The 1990's

During the 1990’s, in addition the company’s continued implementation of internally administered surveys and growing emphasis on enhancement of Grady-White performance and ride through the development of the breakthrough SeaV hull, the independent Marine Matrix® studies showed Grady-White at the very top levels of satisfaction as compared to other brands. Throughout the entire decade, Grady-White consistently measured at the top of these important third-party studies.


The 2000's

In 2001, Grady-White was ranked highest in its category in the first ever J. D. Power and Associates Marine Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey. 2001 was the first of nine yearly (2001-2009) studies J.D. Power and Associates did in the marine industry. Each and every one of those nine studies showed Grady-White ranked highest in coastal boats and measured at world class satisfaction levels (9+ out of 10) in every category measured including performance, fit and finish, comfort, ride as well as factory support, dealer service and others. The experts confirmed Grady-White’s level of survey satisfaction results is as good or better than the world’s finest, most successful and best-known durable goods products including luxury automobiles. World class to the core.

In 2001, as the marine industry as a whole stepped up its appreciation of the importance of customer satisfaction, Grady-White was also one of the first recognized and awarded the top award for excellence in its category (fiberglass boats) in the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) CSI Awards. NMMA’s CSI awards were a new independent study that surveyed large numbers of consumers of marine products about to their satisfaction and experience with those products. In 2016, Grady-White received its 15th consecutive CSI award for customer satisfaction excellence. Every award, every time.

40 years of awards and recognitions for satisfaction are flattering indicators of the importance and level of effort Grady puts into ensuring you of world-class satisfaction as a customer, but awards and recognitions are not the real payoff. The photos, cards, letters, e-mails and stories, testimonials and most of all the real life experiences we hear about every day, see on the water and publish on this website are far more important indicators of the happiness and delight of our customer.

In the end, Grady-White customer satisfaction is not a story about Grady-White, it’s really far more a story about the long-term happiness of now multi-generations of Grady-White customers and their families. Experience the Grady Life and experience Grady-White’s exceptional attention to detail and your boating satisfaction. Get the Grady.