My Site <p>News</p> : <p>Grady-White <em>Freedom 235</em> Selected as One of Five Finalists for <em>Boating</em> Magazine “2017 Boat of The Year”</p> <p>News</p> : <p>Grady-White <em>Freedom 235</em> Selected as One of Five Finalists for <em>Boating</em> Magazine “2017 Boat of The Year”</p>

Grady-White Freedom 235 Selected as One of Five Finalists for Boating Magazine “2017 Boat of The Year”

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Grady-White is known for superbly engineered boats, built by craftsmen that aim to provide, through exceptional attention to detail, the ultimate boating experience for customers in every facet of the ownership experience. Happily, for all of us at Grady-White, and all of our associates, the result of this focus also results in industry recognition, awards, and honors for the things we do. We are proud to announce the latest honor, for one of the new boats in our lineup: The 23-foot Freedom 235 dual console has been named as one of five finalists for Boating magazine’s 2017 Boat of the Year.

Each year, Boating editors test over 100 different powerboats of just about every description, in just about every category. At each test, the Boating tech team notes the standout feature of the boats, as well as any features that don’t stand out as much in the opinion of their editors. These are catalogued as the “High Points” and “Low Points,” published with each boat test. Often these points relate to construction, design, and safety in accordance with published standards, such as those of the American Boat and Yacht Council, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the National Marine Manufacturers Association. At a minimum, the Boat of the Year must meet and exceed those standards.

Boating works very hard not to compare apples and oranges––because what is acceptable for an inshore runabout may not be for a saltwater coastal boat. Ultimately, the winner is the boat that stands out in its category more than any other boat tested, in the experienced opinion of Boating test editors.

After a year’s testing, much debate, and heated discussion, Boating has selected five Boat of the Year finalists for 2017. The Grady-White Freedom 235 is one of those selected.  “Grady-White’s Freedom 235 represents the finest execution of a dual console boat we’ve seen, blending the best elements of a bowrider, fishing boat and watersports boat into one easily trailerable craft that can ply an inland canal with as much aplomb as it can run through a coastal inlet. Structurally, one of many design elements to note is that, like its cockpit, every single compartment drains overboard. That’s a great safety feature.“​

Boating’s Boat of the Year winner will be announced in January 2018, and the trophy will be awarded at the Progressive Miami International Boat Show in February 2018.