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Grady-White Boat Models Offer Factory-Installed SureShade® Retractable Shade

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Freedom 285 with SureShade sunshade

Freedom 285 with SureShade® sunshade

Grady-White Boats has expanded its offering of SureShade®-equipped boat models, adding the availability to five boat models in 2017. Twelve Grady-White boat models are now available with a SureShade sunshade as a factory-installed option or standard feature. SureShade is the U.S. designer and manufacturer of premium patented retractable sunshade systems for the marine industry.

Existing Grady-White boat models that will include a SureShade as a factory option going forward include the Freedom 225, Freedom 235, Freedom 255, Freedom 275, and Freedom 285 models in the Freedom Series.

Grady-White was the first U.S. boat builder to offer SureShade as a standard factory feature with the debut of their Freedom 375. Since then, Grady-White has continued to debut new models equipped with SureShade sunshades in addition to retrofitting existing boat models.

Grady-White now offers factory-installed SureShade sunshades on the following 12 boat models:

  • SureShade Automated Boat Shade - Standard: 375; Optional: 307, 335, 330 (standard or optional AV2 hardtops), 336, 370 (optional AV2 hardtop) and 376
  • SureShade Manual Boat Shade - Optional: 225, 235, 255, 275 and 285.

“Over the last five years, we have significantly increased the number of boat models offering SureShade to meet the growing demand for a quality sunshade solution for our customers,” said Kris Carroll, president of Grady-White Boats. “Incorporating innovative features like SureShade’s sunshade systems has contributed considerably to Grady-White’s reputation of delivering the ultimate boating experience for our customers.”

Dana Russikoff, SureShade business leader and co-founder, says, “Our continued growth outfitting both new and retrofitted models for a company who strives for the ultimate boating experience for customers proves that SureShade is a desirable option that boat buyers demand.”

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