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Get Involved!  Dolphin (Mahi-Mahi) Tagging and Research Opportunities 2018

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Did you know there is important scientific research on dolphinfish (also known as mahi or dorado) that you can participate in as a Grady-White owner or enthusiast and active fisherman?

Here are nine reasons you might consider participating or contributing to this research: Each year, The Dophinfish Research Program conducts a fish tagging program, providing an opportunity to participate in research that has yielded valuable and fascinating information. More than 4,500 anglers have participated over the years, tagging more than 23,000 fish, and almost 600 fish have been recovered. You may very well want to be involved either by participating in tagging, or by making a donation. 

* You like catching fish more than just riding on a boat and watching baits skip along the surface
* You enjoy taking fish home to eat
* You have children or grandchildren that you want to be able to enjoy catching dolphinfish
* If you want to learn more about dolphinfish habitat and movement
* You are a charter that targets dolphinfish
* You’ve ever ordered mahi/dolphin at a restaurant and want to make sure it is available
* You wonder where the fish go when they leave your area, and wonder when they will be back
* You like participating in fisheries research
* You believe that you have a responsibility as a steward of our natural resources and want to ensure the health of the dolphin stock for future generations.

The Dolphinfish Research Program is a scientific research program by the fishermen for the fishermen.  

Grady-White Boats Supports the Program
Because we believe in the aims of the study, Grady-White Boats is the only corporate-level sponsor to have supported the Dolphinfish Research Program every year of its existence. This important research project studies the migration of pelagic dolphinfish through tag and release programs in order to provide better science to help guide healthy management of these incredible game fish and important food fish. 

Tagging Kits Ready at the Beyond Our Shores Foundation 
Beyond Our Shores now has a new supply of tags ready for distribution. Over the past few months, tagging kits have been distributed to anglers along the U.S. East Coast, throughout the Caribbean, Hawaii, South Africa, and France (for use in the Mediterranean Sea). Supplies have also been sent to Brazil. If you need to replenish your tag supply, or if you are interested in participating in the Dolphinfish Research Program, please email for a kit.  

Learn more at

Or by contacting them directly:

Wessley Merten 
Beyond Our Shores, Inc. 
PO BOX 662 
Rockville, MD, 20848 


Sign up for the Dolphinfish Research Program (DRP) monthly newsletter.

Download this PDF to find out much more fascinating information that have been learned from public tagging of these magnificent gamefish.

To learn more about Grady-White's conservation efforts, visit our Conservation & Advocacy page.