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Make Safety a Priority with This App and Other Safety Recommendations


The United States Coast Guard is the boater’s best friend. One helpful service they offer is the Coast Guard Mobile App. This app provides essential information and services commonly used by boaters. You can register your boat via the app, recording your vessel including the make, model, size, and a contact person with the Coast Guard—all vital pieces of information if you have an emergency and need to hail the Coast Guard. The app includes details like “rules of the road” (or waterways) and NOAA buoys, and it allows you to request a review of your safety equipment. You can also report a hazard right from your phone if you see one on the water. 


Another feature is the ability to file a float plan. If you’d rather not file your float plan directly with the Coast Guard, here’s a guide and template for one you can complete and give to a friend or neighbor. To learn more about the app as well as other services such as boat safety information provided by the Coast Guard, visit the US Coast Guard website.


Note: This app is self-contained, so personal information is stored on the phone and is not sent to the Coast Guard unless you choose to send it. The Coast Guard does not track a user's location, nor does the app, unless you have given the app permission and have locations services enabled.