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The Ideal Oyster Research Vessel? How About a Grady-White Express 360!


Dr. Kennedy Paynter is one of the world’s preeminent scientists monitoring and studying the positive effects of healthy oyster population on fisheries, fisheries habitats, and water quality–especially in the Chesapeake Bay. He’s also the proud owner of Callinectes*, a Grady-White Express 360 used with his students and fellow researchers to conduct all-weather, all-season studies, locating favorable habitat and monitoring eastern oyster growth and viability in the Bay. Dr. Paynter is also a Grady-White fan, having owned two other Grady-Whites.


“We have found the Express 360 to be ideal for our work,” says Dr. Paynter. “The roomy cockpit is ample for dive gear and eight sets of tanks. She’s an all-weather boat providing warmth and shelter for our divers and researchers in frigid Januaries, and cooling and shelter for divers and crew when the weather blisters.”


Dr. Paynter continues, “The hot water shower and enclosed cabin have come in absolutely vital when one of our divers get really cold and we need to quickly warm him or her for safety. And finally, the boat handles beautifully and slices through the very rough, close Chesapeake Bay chop. She is nearly ideal for what we do.”


*Callinectes is short for Callinectes sapidus, which is Latin for "beautiful swimmer."


Take a look at the video below, compliments of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation, to learn a little more about some of the research Dr. Paynter is doing.


Find out even more about this research and findings at the Chesapeake Bay Foundation and the University of Maryland Marine Estuarine Environmental Sciences Research.


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