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Patents, trademarks, exclusive features, pioneering designs and bold ideas: the remarkable story of Grady-White innovation.


The bold idea behind Grady-White when the company was founded 60 years ago was to make solid, tough, well-built boats to take on the open waters of North Carolina, the Northeast and–today–all around the world. That fundamental concept remains, and over the years countless breakthroughs, innovations, patents, pioneering designs, and exclusive features and options–big and small–have marked Grady-White’s steady march on that journey. Today, without any doubt, through superb engineering, consistent ownership and management, exceptional attention to detail, innovation, and amazing craftsmanship, Grady-White continues to create the world’s finest coastal boats. Throughout the decades, Grady-White boats have been recognized for their superior build and classic style, but a closer look reveals that Grady-White’s record of exclusive innovations is unmatched by any competitive brand. Take a look at just a small fraction of the inventive developments that contribute to delivering the ultimate boating experience.