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Grady-White Boats Noted for Exemplary Role in Marine Fisheries Conservation in Sport Fishing Magazine


In Lenny Rudow’s article, “Fishing for Better Resources,” in the October 2018 issue of Sport Fishing magazine, the writer explores how giving back to oceans helps fish, anglers, and the recreational marine industry. Conclusion? While companies in all industries give money to worthwhile projects–often ones that are good for their own business–some companies stand taller than others.


Sport Fishing cites a dozen companies that market everything from coolers to sportfishing tackle to sunglasses and outboard engines for outstanding efforts in support of conservation of waterways and fisheries, but the article cites Grady-White first among boat builders and among the foremost of all. Through active support of and leading roles in many efforts, especially including the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation (RBFF) and the Dolphinfish Research Program, Grady-White “goes far beyond merely stroking checks.”


Fisheries conservation, including the very best practices in all outdoor sporting activity, are lifelong principles of Eddie Smith, Grady-White’s CEO and owner. Over the years, with his guidance and philanthropy, these best practices have become an important part of the Grady-White brand. Grady-White is extremely proud of our company’s role in support of waterways and fisheries conservation! Read excerpts of the article in the PDF.



Click on the image below to download excerpts of the article in PDF format.