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Versatility Keeps These Grady Owners Coming Back for More



A love for fishing, diving, and boat excursions led this husband and wife duo to purchase their fifth Grady-White boat, a Canyon 306. Why? Their reasons are numerous, but safety and versatility are at the top of the list! Living along the Florida coast, Randy and Jill Torres have put their boats through their paces offshore during trips to the Bahamas, but they also enjoy boating on the lakes near their inland horse farm. Here’s why they say, “Get the Grady!”


Growing up in Miami, FL, Randy Torres was constantly on the water. His mother even proclaimed that being on a boat was the one thing that relaxed the young, active boy, prompting her to take him boating often. Not only did Randy like to be on boats, he also enjoyed working for a boat manufacturer when he was in high school. Later, a friend took him fishing on a Grady-White, and that’s where his dream of owning one began. “I immediately noticed the quality of the build and the exceptional ride Grady-White provided,” said Randy. “It was like no other boat I’d ever experienced, and I’d spent a lot of time on many different boat brands growing up.”


Fast-forward to 1988 when he began dating his wife, Jill. “He was always talking about Grady-White boats,” she said. “He even took me to a boat show for one of our first dates!” Jill’s primary hobby growing up was riding horses, but her family also enjoyed boating. Water skiing on a lake in upstate NY provided her with fond childhood memories on the water just like those that Randy cherished. It didn’t take long for Randy to realize what a gem he’d found in Jill. In addition to sharing his love for boating, Jill also had the skills to be a pro at the boat ramp thanks to years of hauling horse trailers. On one occasion at a busy ramp in Clearwater, FL, Jill took over maneuvering the boat down the ramp while Randy got out of their truck to handle the boat. Once the boat was in the water, a bystander, who was admiring Jill’s trailering expertise, jokingly asked Randy, “Hey, where can I find someone like her?”




Whether fishing, spear fishing, wake surfing, or going on both inshore and offshore adventures, the Torreses have enjoyed the versatility of all their Grady-White boats through the years.



Randy and Alex Rigby pose with Todd Bell, who caught this mahi on 15-pound spinning tackle on Randy and Jill’s Fisherman 257.


Randy and Andrew Spangler, his first Grady salesman, had a successful fishing expedition on Randy and Jill’s Sailfish 282


Randy and Alex Rigby pose with Todd Bell, who caught this mahi on 15-pound spinning tackle on Randy and Jill’s Fisherman 257.


Randy and Andrew Spangler, his first Grady salesman, had a successful fishing expedition on Randy and Jill’s Sailfish 282

The first Grady-White boat Randy and Jill purchased was a Sailfish 282, which Randy used to make his first trip to the Bahamas with a group of friends. Two years later, Randy and Jill stepped up to a Marlin 300, and Jill felt ready to join Randy on the Bahamas trip. The safety and reliability of the Grady-White gave them the confidence to travel that far offshore. “There are not a lot of mechanics in the Bahamas,” Randy said. “I wasn’t going to take any chances. I knew the Grady would get us there safely even in rough seas, and I also wouldn’t have to worry about any mechanical issues.” When reminiscing about his top experiences on their Grady-White boats, taking Jill to the Bahamas was Randy’s number one memory. They both said they wouldn’t try that trip on anything but a Grady, noting that “it can—and did—get rough on that trip, but we never felt any concern for our safety.” In fact, Jill said she prefers not to ride on any other brand of boat at all. Randy agreed and said, “Any time a friend asks me to go fishing on their boat, I always reply with a yes and add, ‘But why don’t we take my Grady?’ They’re always quick to say yes!”


In addition to trips up and down the Florida coast from Daytona to the Keys, the Torreses wanted to explore the lakes around Florida. This prompted Jill to buy Randy a Fisherman 180 in 2018. The 180 gave Randy the opportunity to learn to wake surf, and it was also the perfect boat for exploring the shallow waterways and lakes close to their farm.

Randy enjoys the versatility of his Grady-White boats, but it’s obvious his favorite pastime is fishing!



If you haven’t already gathered, Randy and Jill are always open to new adventures. Jill even got her diving certification with Randy. Ultimately, she prefers sitting topside relaxing, sunning, and enjoying the peace and quiet while he dives and spearfishes around the local reefs. Most weeks, they spend at least two days on the boat. Some days they’ll fish 40 to 60 miles offshore, or they might just cruise to a favorite spot for dinner. Other times, they’ll entertain their nieces, nephew, and children that they mentor—precious cargo indeed, and yet another reason Randy says the boat has to be safe. “The kids love to go fishing and swimming off the boat, and we love watching them gain the same love for the water that we have through these shared moments.”


Last year, after deciding they wanted a larger boat, they sold the 180 and the Fisherman 257, which they bought in 2013, and purchased a Canyon 306. Randy can’t get over how great the boat rides. “It’s a real beast!” he exclaims. “This boat is really fun to drive. It turns on a dime, and three- to four-foot seas are nothing!” The day they picked her up, Randy said they headed out of Sebastian Inlet, a notoriously rough inlet that at times can be dangerous. “The 306 went through like it was nothing,” he recalled.

Fishing or cruising, Jill and the Torreses dog, Tessa, are both ready to go!



If it’s a remotely nice day, you’ll find Randy and Jill on the boat!




Both are amazed at the new features they’re enjoying on the 306. “It’s really mind-boggling how nice this boat is,” raved Jill, “and the ride is amazing!” She described how they love the standard side door, which makes it easy to load up Randy’s dive equipment and for their dog, Tessa, to climb aboard. Another feature Randy can’t say enough good things about is the Yamaha Helm Master® system. Once he became proficient with it, he thought, “WOW, where was this years ago?” Even if there’s a strong wind, he can easily “walk the boat” straight off the dock, which is especially nice at crowded restaurants. They’ve also been taking advantage of the FishPoint® feature, which makes it a cinch to fish the buoy line.


When thinking back to their decision to get the 306, Randy mentioned how Jill worked with Artie, their dealer at Vero Marine Center, to research every aspect of the boat and determine what options would be best for them. He gives Jill all the credit for the fact that their new boat is chock-full of all these wonderful features. Perfectly happy with the result, Randy exclaimed, “This boat is a game-changer,” expanding their adventures on the water even more!




After Artie, their dealer at Vero Marine, demonstrated all the latest features on the Canyon 306, Randy leaves the dock to put her through her paces on the way home.