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Boat Safety Begins On Land


National Safe Boating Week is a good reminder that we all benefit from safe boating practices. Checking your equipment, such as flares and fire extinguishers, annually and performing a quick review of safety equipment and procedures with your guests before you leave the dock will keep everyone safe and happy when they spend the day on the water.


For peace of mind, review this annual boat safety checklist from the ABYC/USCG once a year.


Also, before you head to the boat, check the weather! The National Weather Service provides maps and up-to-date weather information allowing you to easily get the forecast for the day.


Summer storms can blow up quickly and sometimes with little warning. Be storm ready with these tips.


Know how to use your VHF radio. 


Wearing a Personal Flotation Device is the sensible thing to do! Personal flotation devices (PFDs), also known as life jackets, are proven to save lives. We recommend you and your crew wear one at all times on the water. Be sure that you and everyone on the boat has one available and has checked the fit so if they aren’t wearing it, they can put it on quickly in case of an emergency. When in doubt, review the United States Coast Guard recommendations on how to choose the right life jacket.


Having a great day on the water and getting everyone back to the dock safely every time is what matters most.