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Tom Linke had bought his second Grady-White dual console, a Freedom 225 (Grady No. 1 being a 205), only two years before he test drove a 2018 Freedom 235–and fell in love with it. I couldn’t resist. The helm with perfectly placed electronics, the compass positioned for navigation, the transom door, redesigned swim platform, power steering…all really outstanding features.” On the way home from his MarineMax dealer in Pensacola, Florida, Tom was thinking how to break the news about the 235 to his wife, June.


June, what is your opinion of a new boat?”


Well, we bought a new boat two years ago.”


But I saw a new Grady-White with many features that are really nice and it is a little larger than the one we have.”


Does that mean you bought a new boat?”


Well, I admit that I test drove the Grady.”


Does that mean you have bought a new boat?”


“Ummm, not exactly…although I may have put down a deposit on one.”


“Ha! I knew you did…that little look on your face gave you away!” 


June, Tom, and their wire fox terrier-in-charge, Schooner (who loves the water and riding in the boat) are true members of The Grady Life. Tom confesses that he previously owned a Brand X for several years before buying their first Grady. Not to say anything negative about that other boat, but once I rode in that first Grady I knew why Grady-White boats are consistently the most highly rated…and I never looked back.”