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Canyon 386 Checks All the Boxes for This Fishing Cruising Couple



Growing up, Mike and Maria Adamson spent a lot of time on boats. Maria’s father was in the Navy, so he of course loved boating and passed that same love on to his children. Mike’s family had a cabin on the water where he learned to boat and ski as a young boy. Soon after they were married, Mike and Maria purchased a boat together. When they started a family of their own, they bought a more family-friendly model so their children could have the same memorable experiences on the water that they had growing up.


For the Adamson children, summers in Wisconsin were spent on the water, fishing and skiing with friends. In 2002, the family started vacationing in Florida, eventually buying a house there in 2016 and becoming permanent residents in 2022. Excited to fish offshore, the first boat they purchased in Florida was a 24-foot center console. Unfortunately, if the wind got above 10 miles an hour they couldn’t go out because the boat had a rough ride. After getting caught a few times, they knew they needed a bigger and better boat. That’s when Chris Judd at Naples Boat Mart introduced them to the Grady-White Canyon 336. This boat, with its SeaV hull, was just what they needed for offshore fishing. “One thing I knew about a Grady,” said Mike, “was that you weren’t going to be sitting at the dock much if you owned one. With a Grady you can comfortably go out on days when other boats stay home.”

While they anxiously awaited the arrival of the 336, Maria’s father joined in their anticipation. He introduced the family to Marco Island, Florida, and each year he would join Mike and Maria on vacation there, even joining them on a fishing trip at the age of 91. “By the time the new boat was delivered he just wasn’t able to travel anymore,” said Maria. “But he was so excited for us. Every time we talked; he called it ‘our boat’.” Sadly, he passed away before delivery.


Since moving permanently to Florida, Mike and Maria have taken up a new hobby – cruising. When they initially looked at the 336 they also considered the 376, but ultimately decided that the 336 was the right boat for them. Fast forward to the fall of 2023 when Grady-White introduced the new Canyon 386. “Chris called us from North Carolina, where he was attending the Grady-White dealer meeting, to tell us about a new Grady-White,” recalls Mike. The added features of the 386, including a separate enclosed head with stand up shower, double berth, TV, microwave, refrigerator drawer, sink, and dinette, took the boat to the next level the Adamson’s needed for added comfort when cruising, and they ordered the boat sight unseen. “We have so much confidence in Grady-White and our dealer, we didn’t need to see it to know it was going to fit our lifestyle perfectly,” said Mike. Just to be sure, Chris took all the measurements to ensure Mike, who’s 6’ 4”, would be comfortable in the cabin and the berth. At the time, Chris, Mike, and Maria were already in negotiation for a 251 Coastal Explorer for their inshore adventures. Now with the 251 CE and the 386, they’ve got the perfect boats for every kind of fishing they can do along the Florida coast.


While waiting for delivery of the 386, Mike and Maria decided to keep it a secret from their children who were all coming to visit at Thanksgiving. But when their oldest son, Will, announced he wanted to learn everything he could about the 336, they smiled and told him not to get too comfortable – a new 386 would be arriving soon. He and his wife, Tia, were so excited they quickly canceled a trip they’d planned to a resort destination to instead come to Florida and take the new boat on a trip to the Keys. Their daughter Mallory, her husband Nick, and their youngest son, Weston – who also lives in Florida, were equally excited.


When delivery day came for the new 386, the weather was bad and the waters were rough. But the 6 to 8-foot waves were no problem for the beast of a boat! As they went out of the inlet, they handed the wheel over to Mike. “I was so impressed by the way the boat handled,” he said. “It gets on plane amazingly fast, and the fuel consumption is really good. It’s just an impressive boat all the way around.” At the end of the day, when the dealer turned over the keys, the Adamson’s were excited to take ownership of this luxurious and seaworthy offshore boat. It didn’t take long for Mike to get used to the new boat. Maria recounts a recent outing to a local restaurant where the water moves really fast. “It was our maiden voyage, but with the joystick, Mike slipped the boat into the dock perfectly between two boats,” said Maria. “There was a gentleman watching and he came over and gave Mike a Koozie exclaiming, ‘That’s the best docking I’ve ever seen!’”


Part of the purpose for purchasing the new 386 was to be able to comfortably cruise with the Marco Bay Yacht Club. Recently, they took a trip from southwestern Florida up the Gulf Coast to Boca Grande and Captiva Island. While the 386 was the smallest boat in the fleet, the Adamson’s proudly took the lead because the Helm Master® EX autopilot performed better in rough seas than the other boats. Initially, when they told other club members the size of their boat, a few were unsure about their ability to keep up with the larger 40 – 60-footers, but when the Adamson’s told them it was a Grady-White, all of their concerns were put aside. “We are so blessed to have this boat and we’re just really, really proud to be Grady owners and to be a part of the Grady family!” says Mike. For Maria, the boat brings back fond memories of her father. “It just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling knowing he’s with us in spirit as we enjoy doing what he taught me as a child.”