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You've got the power! Generator operation aboard your Grady-White.

Many Grady-White models 29 feet and larger have standard or optional generator(s) which can power AC electrical systems including air conditioning when the boat is away from dock power, making the Grady Life even more comfortable.

Grady-White locates generators in a rigging compartment below the deck for quiet, clean operation. Access is through on easy-to-use aft cockpit hatch. The generator power system is operated from the electrical panel located in the cabin or console.

Grady-White installs generator(s) that run off diesel fuel, and we provide tank capacities for many hours of continuous operation. Generator diesel fuel tank fills are generally located beside the motorwell.

Before starting the generator–with its cooling water seacock closed–ensure that the raw water strainer is clean. Remove the generator’s integral enclosure (designed to help keep the equipment quiet and dry) and check the generator engine oil fill level. Also check the cooling water tank level. Then, reopen the seacock. Remember there’s a carbon monoxide (CO) detector located at the aft cabin entrance, and make sure it’s in working order. You can find the locations of all of these features in your owner’s manual.

Now you’re ready to start the generator. The generator control panel is located at the bottom of the main electrical panel. Check the fuel gauge for adequate fuel, ensure the control panel on/off button is on, and then hold the start switch for 3-5 seconds until the generator starts. (On the Express 360, the start button should simply be depressed and released. On models other than the 360, if the generator doesn’t start after 10 seconds, release the switch, wait a minute and start again.)

An interlock bar prevents shore power and the generator from supplying power to the electrical panel at the same time. For generator use, turn AC loads off, turn the shore power switch off, slide the interlock bar up, and switch the generator on. Now turn on the individual AC breakers needed. Reverse this procedure when hooking back up to shore power. Once shore power is supplying power to the electrical panel, turn off the generator and close its cooling water seacock.

See your owner’s manual for more detailed information. See our Customer Tips area for more information on this and other on board systems.

In this video, Eric Sorenson gives a brief overview of the generator system operation
for the 
Express 330Other models' generator systems operate similarly.