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Sunglasses: A Boater's Best Friend

Every time you head out on your boat, it’s important to apply plenty of sunscreen and take more with you to use throughout the day. But did you realize that protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays was just as important as your skin? The best way to prevent this is by having the perfect pair of sunglasses.


If you have ever come home from a day on the water and suffered from red, watery, or itchy eyes, it may not be caused by swimming in the salt water. These symptoms are actually a result of UV light damage. In fact, people have been known to experience temporary blindness from sun exposure. Other health issues that can be caused by over exposure to the sun over time, including a greater chance of developing cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and even melanoma.  


Because water reflects up to 100% of UV rays, you’re getting even more exposure when you’re on the boat. This makes having a good pair of sunglasses an important part of your boating gear. But this doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money. When selecting a pair of sunglasses, just check the label to be sure they offer 99% protection from both UV A and UV B rays. Wrap around, or fuller coverage glasses also provide more protection than smaller lens options.


When considering the color of your lens, here are some helpful tips. Select a gray tinted lens for the highest in light reduction and color contrast making them good for both bright and cloudy days. This lens color also minimizes glare particularly on the water. Brown lens have a higher color contrast which helps with distance and depth perception. They also reduce glare. Yellow lens help you to see more clearly in fog, haze, or lower light situations. If you want to see colors more accurately and reduce glare, choose a blue lens.


You don’t have to sacrifice fashion when you choose your glasses – in fact, if you feel good in your eye wear, from both a fashion and comfort aspect, you’ll be more apt to wear them. While you’re picking a pair for yourself, grab a few extra to keep on the boat and don’t forget to get some for the children as well.  



People wearing sunglasses while boating