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Stay refreshed my friends! Using the freshwater system aboard your Grady-White.

Every model Grady-White comes with an easy-to-clean fiberglass liner and every model is available with a freshwater system (standard on many models) that not only makes maintenance a breeze but washes off you, your glasses and the kids after they finally get out of the water. This pressurized system uses freshwater for a cockpit shower system (available on all models) and, on many models, the windshield wipers, galley sink, enclosed shower and the head sink. Freshwater aboard is a great convenience out on the water, at anchor and back at the dock.

  1. The boat’s freshwater system consists of a water tank and the cockpit shower. Some models also feature a water heater for use in the galley and at the cockpit or cabin showers, or at the rigging station sink. Freshwater is also provided for the windshield wiper-washers and in the head area on some models.
  2. The water pump is turned On and Off with a helm rocker switch or at the “Freshwater” breaker on the DC side of the main electrical panel in cabin boats.
  3. The location of your Grady’s water fill connection can be seen in your owner’s manual. Just stick a potable water hose in the connection and fill the tank until the fitting overflows. Make sure it’s potable water–suitable for drinking.
  4. When dockside, you can also pressurize the system, and keep it topped off, by hooking the potable water hose to a city water outlet.
  5. Available on some models, inside the cockpit is a freshwater washdown hose bib outlet to port of the battery selector switches, and a hot-and-cold shower nozzle at the transom door entrance, and a spigot at the bait prep station sink. The galley and head are also served by hot and cold running water.
  6. On Grady-Whites with water heaters, the water heater uses AC power supplied by shore power or the generator and is controlled by a rocker switch at the main electrical panel in the cabin.

In this video Eric Sorensen, author of Sorensen’s Guide to Powerboats, shows us a quick overview on how to
use the freshwater system on the Grady-White 
Express 330Other models operate similarly.