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Rinse the outside of your Grady-White's gas tank(s) with fresh water at least twice a year.


Prevent corrosion damage to your fuel tanks!


Fuel tanks should be visually inspected and the exteriors rinsed off with fresh water at least twice a year. This only takes five to ten minutes and can be done by opening the hatch inspection plates (pie plates) on deck above the fuel compartment to get to tank surfaces. You should inspect the O-rings on the pie plates for wear and replace as needed. (These O-rings provide watertightness to prevent saltwater from affecting fuel tank surfaces in the first place.) Once you’ve rinsed off the tanks, the bilge pump(s) should switch on to pump the water out. Leave the plates off for a few days to let the compartment air out and dry.

Grady-White also advises customers to inspect fuel hoses and connections for leaks after fueling. If this routine is practiced, any accumulation of wet dirt and grime or corrosion on the tank’s surface can be caught. These accumulations should be removed by rinsing tank exteriors with a freshwater hose at the first opportunity.