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Here is a good tip for those of you with dual engines and a bow thruster, sent in by an active member of a Grady-White Owners’ Club. You can pick up lots of boat handling pointers by participating in activities with a Club near you!

  1. Slowly angle in towards the dock, bow first.
  2. Turn on your bow thruster.
  3. Position your engines parallel to the dock (with the wheel dead ahead). Leave the wheel in this position for the remainder of the docking maneuver.
  4. Put your dockside engine in idle forward, and your waterside engine in idle reverse.
  5. As your Grady turns itself, push your bow thruster lever towards the dock.
  6. When you are alongside the dock, put your engines in neutral, turn off the bow thruster, and tie up your bow, stern and spring lines.


“This tip is guaranteed to make you look a whole lot better than you actually may be!” writes Captain Ken Wright, commodore of the Gulfstream Grady Group sponsored by Mariner Marine of Riviera Beach, Florida.