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Maintaining Your Engine by Using the Proper Fuel and Fuel Additives



With the introduction of ethanol in gasoline, you may be questioning the best ways to maintain your Yamaha motor. Here are a few quick tips, and a source, to answer your questions and help you keep your engine in top shape–allowing you to enjoy every minute on the water.

Follow these tips when fueling your boat:
• Only put ethanol free gas in your tank.
• Regularly use fuel stabilizers and conditioners recommended by Yamaha.
• When filling up, be sure the fuel you are purchasing is fresh and has not been sitting in the storage tank for a long period of time.
• Keep up with the recommended maintenance, which includes keeping your fuel filters changed based on Yamaha’s recommended schedules.

For more information, review Yamaha’s Maintenance Matters, A Simple Guide for the Longevity of Your Outboard brochure.
Here you’ll find tips and maintenance suggestions regarding your fuel and fuel system on pages 10 through 13.