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Made in the Shade

You can depend on Floridians to be wise in ways to create shade for sun protection aboard their Gradys. Cher and Dan Clark, Express 330, Lady Godiver, constructed a full aft cockpit system. The material is marine grade waterproof canvas, with mesh screening that blocks out 95% of UV rays. The main shade is strengthened with collapsible tent poles, two along the sides and one down the middle. The Clarks had aluminum poles made to fit into the rod holders at the stern, and the back of the shade clips to these poles. The front attaches to the hardtop roof with six Velcro® straps. The sides also have Velcro® to attach to the screening. Cher vented the top to keep it from billowing in the wind. The rig takes just minutes to put up or take down, and when the boat is not in use the canvas without the poles is bungeed to the transom to work as a sunscreen. 

Fred and Judy Buchas', Express 330, Another Toy, and the Gulfstream 232 owned by Jerry and Linda Mroczkowski, also have shades made by local custom canvas shops. The rear support poles are quickly removable for fishing, etc. The Buchas' shade supports itself without the poles when the boat is trolling in calm waters.