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How to remove mildew from exposed sealants

For years boat owners have struggled to remove the mildew that inevitably grows in cracks and crevices similar to the one shown below. With a recommendation from one of our dealers, we did our own trial test and verified the solution! Soft Scrub with Bleach offers an easy and efficient solution to dealing with this troublesome issue.

Three Easy Steps

  1. Apply Soft Scrub directly to sealant.
  2. Leave Soft Scrub in place for a full 24 hours!
  3. Wipe off and rinse thoroughly with fresh water.

NOTE: Please be sure to AVOID applying Soft Scrub directly to fiberglass surfaces as bleaching may occur. Wipe off any excess that inadvertently makes contact with the fiberglass. DO NOT allow Soft Scrub to sit on any fiberglass surface for the full 24 hour cycle!

Download these instructions as a printable PDF (click here or on the image below)