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Fishing, Tendering/Kayaking and Cockpit Shelter

Larry Wangberg usually keeps his 2004 Express 330Unleashed, in San Diego, CA, but moved her temporarily to San Carlos, MX, to explore the Sea of Cortez. While exploring his crew usually lives aboard, whether at a marina or on the hook. Here are a few of his custom touches for fishing, tendering/kayaking and cockpit shelter. 

1. Adapted the companion seat at port to provide same height as the captain’s chair for visibility underway and fish sighting:

2. The back edge of this tray extends an inch below the aft folding bench’s seat cushion so the tray doesn’t slide forward. Turned upside down the tray fits exactly over the generator cover for secure storage. The tray also serves as a table for eating topside:

3.Kayaks are stowed in a rack fitted onto the hardtop:

4. The cockpit cover provides privacy and protection from the elements: