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Extend the Life of Your Boat Canvas

A boat canvas can protect your boat from the elements, keep it clean, and generally make it look nice when the boat is not in use. But just like your boat equipment, your canvas can also benefit from and will last longer with a little bit of maintenance and care.

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There are a few ways to maintain and extend the life of your canvas boat cover. One is to use the proper tool when separating the snaps. A top snapper tool (pictured at right) is an inexpensive item that will save you time and money. Another way to preserve the life of your canvas is to maintain the snaps by lubricating them a few times a year depending on amount of use. This will help the snaps go on and off with ease and reduce the chance of breaking the snaps. One last way to keep your canvas in good condition is to coat it with a fabric guard. There are a variety of brands you can use to restore the water repellency as well as the UV protection. These products can be found in your boat supply store in the canvas care section.