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Converting Analog TV to HDTV

I converted the on-board analog Aquos television to be compatible with HDTV by purchasing a small LaSonic converter box from (Tivax works well also according to research performed by Dan Clark) and the Amplified external HDTV antenna from Radio Shack. The wires will fit under the TV so you can close the cabinet.  I ran an extension cord under the cushions to the starboard side (by the on-board TV) to plug into an outlet by the galley sink on my 2006 Marlin. You can use the remote included with television converter box.  This was an easy method but converter box and antenna are not hidden; however, they store neatly next to the TV. Dan Clark of our Tarpon Coast Club has a 33' and he just used a converter box that stores easily in the cabinet that contains the on board Aquos TV and Burton Wahlburg worked with GW Customer Service to completely hide his wiring behind the bulkhead on his 30 Marlin.  We talked to a marina electronics store-Mckay- who recommended the external UFO 12 inch dome TV antenna; however, we have not needed it.

Submitted by Silver Bullet-Tampa and Tarpon Coast GW Club