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Ceviche on board

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1.5 lb. very fresh fish filet (freshly caught aboard your Grady-White is best)
1 large sweet onion (add celery, too, if you like)
1 cup parsley, washed and stemmed (cilantro–if you prefer)
1 large or 2 smaller fresh ripe tomatoes
Chili pepper (sweeter milder bell pepper works well too)
12 fresh limes 
Salt and pepper 
Hot sauce (Tabasco or Mexican)

Serve with: tortilla chips, taco shells or crackers
Garnish with: avocado, lime and a Great Grady Day on the water.

Going fishing? Take along a two-gallon plastic bag, a handful of clean washed parsley, a big sweet onion and a tomato or two, maybe a chili pepper (depending on your tolerance for that), and a dozen limes. If you don’t have salt and pepper and hot sauce already aboard, bring that along, too. You’ll want some tortilla chips or crackers to go along with the finished product, and maybe some bowls, spoons and napkins are a good idea. So much for the grocery list!

(First, be sure you do NOT have a species of fish you are required by law to keep whole.)

Simply dice firm fresh filet(s) into ¼- to ½-inch cubes. Do the same dice for the onion, tomato, and chili pepper. Put all into the two-gallon bag with the parsley (chopped). Season with salt pepper and hot sauce to your taste, and add the juice from ten or more of the limes. Put the finished raw product in a cool spot and let the lime juice “cook” the fish for a couple of hours and your ceviche is done.

Break out the tortilla chips or crackers, and spoon out a bowl or two. Enjoy! And rest assured that as soon as you bring out the snack, you’ll get the biggest bite of the day!!

Happy eating, happy fishing, happy Grady-White day!